Church Operations

Christian Church 

divine direction

Usher Board: Our Mission is to serve as door keepers to greet everyone who enters and to make you feel welcome as you come and worship with us.  We welcome you with love.  Ps. 84:10

Deacon Board: Our Mission is to:

First and foremost, be of good character so that we are able to serve our Pastor and Church efficiently and effectively.                  (1 Timothy 3:8–13).

Secondly, be a Servant Leader-We are called to care for the physical and logistical needs of the church in order to free up the elders so they are able to focus on shepherding the spiritual needs of the congregation.

Church Beautification: We strive to make this temple a visually inviting place where all who enter feel welcome and experience the presence of the Lord.  We oversee the decorating and beautification of the interior area of the church.   We set the atmosphere for praise and worship from the moment you enter the church.